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Advanced Timber Specialist

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Brand, Design, Video, Communication, Event

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Brand Development

The objective was to enhance Xylotek's brand impact while maintaining its identity among diverse audiences. Despite holding a strong brand position within its niche market, Xylotek faced the challenge of catering to multiple audiences and stakeholders with its range of services.

To address this, the brand was simplified to reflect a sleek and smart online presence. This involved defining brand values, establishing a cohesive style and tone of voice, and conducting brand training. The creation of a company video aligned with the new messaging, while physical brand materials were produced to reinforce brand loyalty and foster team engagement.


Media - Company Video

Produced a polished company video that effectively communicated Xylotek's business areas while maintaining the brand's mysterious allure. Despite the challenge of limited footage across the portfolio, piecing together the work in a cohesive and smooth manner was achieved.

This initiative was part of a broader brand development strategy, marking Xylotek's venture into new markets and service offerings.


Event - Exhibition

At the "Design Icons: Made in Bristol" exhibition, Xylotek shared the stage with renowned names like Aardman, Amalgam, Kinneir Dufort, and Limbs & Things, representing a diverse array of creative disciplines thriving within Bristol.

Visitors gained insights into Xylotek's contribution to design and sustainability through an exploration of our creations and evolution. The exhibition provided an opportunity to contemplate the fusion of craftsmanship, innovation, and Bristol's nurturing design environment, which has shaped Xylotek's journey.

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