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Founding Members

Following the success of the previous year, we proudly became founding members of the Bristol Tech Festival. This milestone was made possible through a strategic partnership with Newicon's cloud provider at the time, allowing us to host four events throughout the week and provide crucial sponsorship to support the technology industry in Bristol and the South West. Employing a multichannel approach, including blogs, social media, and internal communications, we enriched content with festival-related themes. Our involvement comprised three in-person events and one online webinar, with a key highlight being our collaboration with strategic partner The Product Partnership. Together, we showcased the power of synergy within our partnership to create innovative products, contributing to the festival's overall success.


Fueling Innovation Partnership

In 2021, we furthered our commitment to innovation by launching a partnership with the Bristol Tech Festival to trial events within the festival lineup. Our campaign, centered around fueling innovation, aimed to demonstrate how new technologies can revolutionize products and services. Through an evening event, we showcased practical examples of innovation in action, inspiring attendees to embrace new possibilities.


Company Video

As a core component of our brand development journey, we produced a compelling company profile video. The mission was to encapsulate the essence of Newicon and communicate our diverse areas of expertise in a concise and engaging manner. The resulting video effectively captures the energy and vision of Newicon, serving as a powerful tool for conveying our brand story.


Brand Development

With 14 years of experience under our belt, Newicon harbored the same ambition and energy as a startup. To align our brand identity with this ethos, we embarked on a comprehensive brand development journey. Through subtle yet impactful communication, visual, and website enhancements, we elevated the Newicon brand, positioning it squarely within the scale-up market while retaining the spirit of innovation and growth.

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