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LUV Infinity

Branded Christmas Campaigns

Established partnerships with Gordon's Gin and Baileys to sponsor the Christmas period at select venues within the LUV Infinity Group. These collaborations not only enriched customer experiences but also bolstered brand presence within each location. By mitigating risks and providing resources, the partnerships enabled venues to experiment with initiatives that would otherwise incur significant overhead costs.

The Gordon's Gin campaign, focused on the popular Pink Gin, was implemented across six bars and clubs, featuring venue decor, themed nights, and promotional drinks. It injected a vibrant and festive atmosphere into the cold winter months, enhancing the overall customer experience.

The Baileys partnership transformed venues into enchanting winter wonderlands, complete with pop-up bars offering special hot and cold Baileys drinks, catering to both daytime and nighttime promotions.


Community Engagement

Equipping local venues with the resources to engage with their communities effectively. Central to this effort was a focus on charitable initiatives, notably raising £5000 for the Terrence Higgins Trust. This was achieved through a range of initiatives, including special charity event nights, local sponsorships, and till add-on donations, demonstrating our commitment to supporting important causes and making a positive impact in the community.

Additionally, our Bristol venue's dedication to inclusivity and support for the LGBT+ community was recognized when it was shortlisted for LGBT+ Venue of the Year.


Bloody Halloween Campaign

The Bloody Halloween campaign was rolled out across ten venues, featuring full venue decor, themed events, and a signature promotional drink served in a blood bag. This unique product presentation captured customer attention and drove engagement, resulting in record-breaking sales.


Drag Race UK Tour

In response to the launch of Drag Race UK, hosted viewing parties throughout the season and booked all three final queens for appearances across the venue group. These events, including a special appearance by the season's winner, attracted significant attendance and generated buzz, with viewing parties seeing increased attendance over the ten-week period.

The final three queens' appearances were sell-out events, positioning the venues as premier destinations for fans.



Organised the 2019 Student Freshers campaign across five venues, strategically selected for their high student demographics. Tailored campaigns including out-of-house promotion, club sponsorships and online targeting were implemented for each city while maintaining a cohesive multichannel approach.

This comprehensive campaign aimed to engage and attract students, offering unique experiences and promotions tailored to each location's student community.

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