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Prosthetics Artist

Skills |

Website, Brand, Design

Client | 

Lewis Sharpe

Image Credit  |

Ollie Ley


The essence of the Lewis Sharpe brand stems from a desire for contemporary identity that mirrors his artistic style of realism while also blurring conventional boundaries for the viewer. The brief emphasised a blend of modernity, sleekness, and reflection of Lewis's artistry.

From this brief emerged a distinctive pattern, which became central to shaping Lewis's brand identity. This pattern, coupled with a discreet logo, formed the backbone of the creative direction.



The website design aimed for simplicity, user-friendliness, and visual distinctiveness, allowing Lewis's artwork to take center stage without the need for excessive information or copy. Additionally, the incorporation of a mailing list feature enabled Lewis to engage with his audience effectively.



In physical form, Lewis's work remains the focal point. Flyers feature single-focused artwork on the front with minimal information on the back, ensuring the artwork remains the primary focus. Similarly, business cards seamlessly integrate Lewis's brand pattern, embodying a striking and sleek aesthetic."

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