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Local Currency

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Media, Communication

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Exeter Pound

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Exeter Pound

Promotional Video Initiative

Initiated the Exeter Pound Presents project, aimed at supporting local traders accepting the Exeter Pound currency. The project facilitated the creation of promotional videos by students enrolled in Media and Video courses at Exeter College.

This endeavour not only provided a platform for local businesses to showcase their offerings but also offered students valuable real-life experience in client collaboration and video production.


Video Production

Throughout the organization's existence, I spearheaded various video productions including anniversaries, announcements, and informational content.

These videos served as effective tools for promoting the organization across multiple online platforms, bolstering its online presence and engagement with the community.

View more here.


Explainer Video

Tasked with introducing the concept of Exeter Pound to the public, I created an informative video titled "Why an Exeter Pound?" as part of the launch campaign in 2015.

This explainer video served to elucidate the purpose and benefits of the Exeter Pound currency, contributing to its successful introduction to the community.

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