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Design, Video, Communication

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Bristol Pride

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Ollie Ley

Bristol Life Award Win

I crafted the submission for the Bristol Life Award under the category of 'Event of the Year' in 2021. This achievement held great significance as it recognised the dedication and effort invested in transitioning the event into an online format the previous year. Additionally, it underscored the substantial growth of the festival, marked by its relocation to a larger venue on the Clifton Downs.

Winning this award was a testament to the Bristol Prides team's hard work and the event's continued success.


Sponsorship Pack

With the festival returning to its physical form in 2021, there arose the necessity to revitalize the partnership pack. The objective was to ignite excitement among potential sponsors about the festival's resurgence in its traditional format.

Through the revamped sponsorship pack, we aimed to showcase the unique opportunities for engagement and collaboration, inviting sponsors to be part of the festival's vibrant return to the physical realm.


Press Release

The festival had outgrown its Harbourside location and needed to expand capacity by moving to the Downs, Clifton. I was tasked with creating a video to reflect the significance and excitement of this move. This also gave the festival a video identity for the following couple years.

Read about this here.


Ad Campaign

Produced Ad Campaign video's over the years as promotion in the run up to the festival weeks. With Bristol Pride the key was finding the balance between communicating simple and clearly, while also building anticipation and excitement for the festivities.

Read more about this here.

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